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Elle approche…

« Nobody knows what is happening now because nobody wants that something happens. In reality you never know what happens, we know only what we want it happens, and that’s how things happen.
In 17 Lenin and his comrades didn’t say: We will make a revolution because we want the revolution. They said « All the conditions of revolution are met, the revolution is inevitable! » They made the revolution that would never took place if they had not done it, and that they would not have done if they had not thought it was inevitable only because they wanted so.
Every time something has changed in this world it has always been worse ! That is why nobody moves, nobody dares to provoke the future ! Would be foolish to provoke the future ! Should be crazy to risk provoking a new 19 new 14 or new 37.

- So there will never be anything more?
- Yes it is, because there will always be fools and idiots to follow… and wise men to do nothing… »

Translation of Liberte, la nuit by Philippe Garrel, sampled by Troublemakers in Get Misunderstood.

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