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Patatoes, Mercator and others food… # part 1/2

  Pommes de terre, Mercator et autres nourritures…

Mon blog va être mis en lien sur le site du club étudiant ici (mon mentor en est le président) et sur celui de mon association (Matjaz qui m’a emmené en Croatie en est le président) Donc je vais essayer d’écrire des post en anglais, et celui-ci sera le premier. Il devrait y en avoir un nouveau tous les jeudis si l’inspiration me vient.


I cook a soup last week, and everybody here was surprised when I explain them that I will finish it the day after…

-What ?!

-Hey come on guys, I will not drink all this soup today, I got for almost 3 liters and I already drink a half alone! (at the moment I understood this « what ?! » as « oh poor girl you can not drink all, haha pussy girl, I could drink 6liters instead of you, hahaha I can drink a lot, I am a strong Slovenian who drink a lot of beer. A lot ! Haha !)

-But did you put potatoes in this soup ?

-Yes of course ! (surprised by this question and a little lost that is all what I find to answer him)

-So, you can not eat it tomorrow, you should through it away today.

-What !? (I can not ?!)

Here in Slovenia it seems forbidden to cook potatoes and to eat this same cooked potatoes one or two days after…

let’s find an answer to this strange thing.

I maybe missed something when I was still in France but as far as I can go deep in my memories I can’t find a moment where we trough away the cooked potatoes. Or maybe yes when this potatoes where green and waiting for one week in the fridge, only in this case, and I’m not even sure…

I’m still searching for example, but I found only those I eat the same potatoes during one week… and I’m still alive ! Youhou ! Is it really because it’s dangerous for your health that Slovenian people don’t eat this potatoes ? They all said the same with afraid face : it’s dangerous, everybody know here that we should not do this. All the cooked potatoes are destroyed at the end of the day.

OK, so if i understand well, it’s a kind of ritual. Imagine, every days, in every houses of all Slovenia, every mothers are destroying cooked potatoes, to cooked fresh and new potatoes the day after. And they will give the same chastisement to this potatoes at the end of the day, and the day after, and again and again. Killing potatoes, garbage are full of potatoes every where !!!

cause you have to know that Slovenia love potatoes ! I think that it’s THE first word i read here : krompir. You can read this word wherever you go. Krompir, krompir, krompir ! Every where krompir for sold.

So, here is the second possibility. Farmers are very intelligent, and they find the way to afraid population about cooked potatoes several decennies ago. And now they are rich cause they can sold more potatoes each day ! I think I will married me with a Slovenian farmer. OK, too easy you will think, yes you’re right, they are all farmers here, too easy (ups, i said it? Yes.. I said it ^^)

other possibility : Slovenian community is right, and cooked potatoes are dangerous for your life.. let’s think like this. (they should have graphics somewhere which explain how many people die because of this potatoes each year. I’ll find it) In this case, it means that French people are stronger that Slovenian people !

Haha ! Pussy, pussy you are Slovenians ! Ja Gospod I eat potatoes, and Ja Gospod I still eat this same potatoes after one week. Sure it can be green, I’m French my dear ! I’m stronger than you.

(OK this part is a little too much French, I mean, too much chauvinist. But I HAD TO ACT like this for this first English post, you know ?)

forget a moment this story about potatoes, let’s talk about how to be a French girl and go to the supermarket (Mercator, the one in Podlubnik) here in Slovenia.

hum. At the beginning it was just impossible ! I thought that i was not so structured like a stupid French who never open his eyes. But finally I might be one of them. I start to be afraid of food here, and even more with meet. Haaa the meet ! What is this.. big.. red… part of… meet ? Is it really meet ? I mean, is it so red usually ? (it was almost magenta, and it’s still)

part 2/2 on the next week :)

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